The Traveling Cats Tour: Blaine rain, sunrises, job hunting and it’s time to go.

Blaine harbor 2014

Blaine harbor 2014

So, I’m in Blaine still and have discovered that it has 3 states of rain; pelting, biblical and off. Off is broken until June 2015 though. I’ve been here 3 weeks and it’s been sunny 5 days. The rest of the time we’ve had rain, pouring rain, wind, pouring rain with wind and all variation in between. I’m already over rain and it’s only the end of October. That usually doesn’t  happen until February or March! But I’ve been in the Northwest pretty much all of my life so it’s not all that annoying. Sort of. The only good part of all these storms is that the sunrises are often pretty damn good….

I’ve never been an early riser and, before I came to Blaine, I’d shot exactly 2 sunrises. Ever. And those were only because I couldn’t sleep the night before. I’ve shot 3 of them here and loved every minute of it! There’s this great field at the end of the street where I’m staying that faces east and has Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan in view as well. Here’s what I’m talking about DSC_4112_10-27-14_Blaine

Nice huh? I have a bunch more photos to edit that shows the mountains etc but have other things more important to do right now …..

I’ve started that ugly business of job hunting. Ugh. I banged out a basic resume and sent 5 email applications off already today. I hate job hunting and all that goes along with it. The interview gives me hives and the waiting to hear back causes sleep loss. Not to mention the arrogance that often accompanies the interview process. I hate it when an interviewer insists that I list 3 of my best and worst qualities. I always want to say “my ability to control my homicidal urges, the fact that I can be around stupid people and maintain a compassionate attitude and having gotten over the urge to be armed at all times” then “poor impulse control, lack of patience with idiocy and procrastination when it comes to things like hiding the evidence/bodies” I never say things like that in an interview though cuz I really do want to get the job. Sad but necessary.  Speaking of job interviews ….

It’s time for me to take the Canadian plunge and get going. I only have 2 more things in the mail to wait for so I’m looking at Monday or Tuesday as likely departure days. I’m so sad to be leaving my friend Monica’s home. I feel like one of the family which is pretty amazing when you consider that we hadn’t ever met  before 10-5-14!!! I’ve taken over quite a bit of the housework as sort of rent payment and I’ll be sad to know that she has to take that back up. She works 3 jobs as well as teaching ESL online until the wee hours of the morning 3 times a week and it’s been a bit of a break for her not to have to do all of the housework and meal preparation. And I’ll miss doing it too! The cats will be even more cranky now after we get going because I’m afraid our ‘comfortable’ time is over. Once I get over the border, I’ll be staying on some property where I won’t have bathroom privileges or electricity (probably). We’ll really be roughing it then after being so spoiled for so long. But, I see that as motivation to get a job ASAP!

So, that’s were things stand right now. I have some things that may bear artistic fruit in the works but payment for those will be a future thing even if they work out right away. I’m still plugging away at ways to make a living, or semi-living, at photography but I suspect I’ll need a day job for quite some time to come. Sad.

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll see you next time.


and the 3 cranky cats on the Traveling Cats Tour

BTW .. I was going back through my night shoot with Eddie Murdock and Carl Nickerson in Anacortes right before I left for Blaine and found some gems I overlooked before!




Nice huh?

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