The Traveling Cats Tour: I don’t have time for this cold, 9 days til move-in day, gas prices and an impending milestone birthday


So, I know I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks but I’ve been sick with this stupid cold. It’s not bad enough that I was sick enough to stay in bed for a week and a half but it it still hanging on big time! Lots of coughing and hacking, especially at night. Why do we cough more at night anyway?

I only have 9 days left to get the truck set up to live in. I haven’t done near as much as I should have at this point though. The 10 days I was in bed really put me behind so now I’m scrambling. Add to that my Masters in Procrastination and you have a recipe for a lot of unnecessary stress. I’m trying to get on top of it though. This week is take-the-cats-to-the-vet week. And get the old guy shaved. Betty will get the finishing bath and I’ll get rid of the useless tool box sitting in the back as well as laying down plywood to keep us off of the metal truck bed. I designed and bought the materials for a lock to put on the back window of the canopy since it won’t even latch nevermind lock. I definitely got ripped off with this thing but I was panicking thinking I would be out of the apartment by the end of July. I decided to stay as long as I can though and let them take legal action to get me out. I really need the extra time and I’m glad I did! I would be in so much worse shape if I’d gotten sick on the road. Speaking of the road….

Here in the US, people lose their minds about gas prices but I can imagine that the gas prices in Canada make Canadians psychotic! I suppose that paying by the litre helps fool the brain into thinking that it’s not really that bad but $5.00 a gallon (or more) is $5.00 a gallon no matter what you call it. I’ve definitely changed the game plan for when I get there. I’ll be lucky to have enough money to fill up twice! And at 10mpg, I’ll be findng alternative modes of transportation! I hope busing is as good there as it is here in Seattle! 

I have a huge birthday coming up in 6 days. 60! I’m more surprised than anyone! First that I’ve lived this long (I’ve been pretty stupid about my life in the past) and that I’ve been alive this long! I sure don’t feel it! Okay, well some mornings I feel even older but that’s not all the time. I’m hoping to do a photo shoot up in Edmonds for a party. We’ll see though. I’ve tried to have a birthday party twice in my life so far and neither one turned out well. The first one, no one came to and the second one, one came to that either except my roommates and a few of their friends that came out of pity. I haven’t tried again since my 50th. I don’t have much luck with parties apparently. Or I’ve had the wrong friends in the past. I don’t have that problem anymore though. I have the best friends a person could want. Finally. I haven’t had a very good track record choosing my friends up til now. Maybe I’ve finally grown up a bit and can see the difference between people I hang out with and real friends. I think that’s the case. I love my friends. 

Now that I’ve lost internet at home, I’ll be writing this from wifi locations so nobody panic if you don’t see me here or on Facebook very often. Everything’s fine (so far) and I’m surviving this. Struggling, definitely, but surviving and staying fairly strong. 

See you next time and thanks for stopping  by. 


The Traveling Cats Tour


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