The Traveling Cats Tour: Most brilliant freakin’ sunset ever, best party ever and I’ve made a huge mistake!.

I was shooting a party on a mid-level rooftop in downtown Seattle last night and this was the sunset! Words fail me!

I was shooting a party on a mid-level rooftop in downtown Seattle last night and this was the sunset! Words fail me!

I have never seen a sunset like the one we had here in Seattle last night! It was more like a sunrise in reverse! The crepuscular rays were shooting upwards across the sky and showed for such a distance, my 18mm lens range wasn’t wide enough to take it all in! Also, I was in a position where my field of vision was limited by city buildings. I would love to have been out on the Jose Rizal bridge or, even better, on the SkyView deck of the Columbia Center! But I was at the best party ever…

I volunteered to shoot a masquerade/fashion show party on the mid-level rooftop of the Via6 apartments in downtown Seattle. If you ever want to live in downtown Seattle and have a pretty good chunk of change to work with, this is for you! Great design, brilliant party area with indoor areas equipped with wet bars, wonderful outdoor lounge areas with a 360* walkway with views of the city and Lake Union (sadly that’s almost occluded by new development though), key card elevators, lobby security, underground parking and, wait for it, a full service cafeteria (but really high end offerings) and lounge/gathering areas on the lobby level! Very impressive! Funny story, I met this wonderful, kind man named Daniel while I was waiting for the fashion show to start who told me that he owned Via6. The building! My brain automatically went into yeah-right-and-I’m-Ansel-freakin-Adams-in-drag mode. But the more we talked and the more I paid attention to how others interacted to him, my brain went into OMG-he’s-for-real mode. And right after that it told me to NOT mention I’m homeless! Too opportunistic. Sigh. I hate it when I have integrity sometimes. Why was this the best party ever? Well…

I expected a bunch of snobby well-off to rich people prancing around in designer wear and expensive accessories at this party. Granted, there were some well-off to rich people there in designer wear and expensive accessories but none of them pranced around and everyone, I mean everyone, was a joy to meet! Not sure why but I was treated like royalty! People who didn’t even know me were making a point of meeting me after awhile! Maybe it was because I didn’t take any shots of the guests without asking first or maybe it was because I looked like I knew people! I dunno. What’s funny is how ‘small world’ this party was! The first people I ran into were 2 photographers that I haven’t seen in almost 2 years! Great guys! And then I ran into Revv O’Hare, Shannon Lind and the brilliant designer Madison Adrianna Leiren of Leiren designs, all of whom I know from the Chance Fashion shows! I also met a seriously cool DJ named Damen Draeko who is a friend of Rob Martini’s who usually DJ’s for Chance Fashion shows! What a bonus to an already fantastic night! The fashion show was good too even though it started really late and I was starving! Dresses, lingerie…you know, the usual. 😉 The after-party, not so much. Very loud and ‘young’. Us old-timers (Kevin, Richard and I) only lasted about 20 minutes and about a half dozen photos before we opted out. It seems we’ve all outgrown our clubbing days! LOL

I have made a huge mistake! I set up my party/benefit for August 23rd and that’s the night of the AMDEF Mash-up where almost everyone I’d like to see at there will be. I hate to change the date of mine because the people who have already said they’d be there might not be able to change their plans. Sigh. I just wasn’t thinking when I decided to make that last ditch effort to raise funds and resources. Now I’m really worried. Interesting thing I’ve noticed .. people don’t seem to respond to the needs of the individual anymore. They have no qualms about donating to organizations who take a cut of the proceeds but balk at the thought of helping someone who has just as great a need but isn’t sponsored by an agency or charity group. I guess too many people have been scammed out of too much and no one trusts an ‘unsponsored’ individual anymore. It makes my fundraising attempts fairly unsuccessful but I get it. And I kick myself whenever I start to have bitter thoughts about it. It’s no one’s responsibility to take care of me but my own. Speaking of which … totally self-serving moment in 3,2,1…

Here is the link to my party if you are in the Seattle/PNW area and would like to come. A donation of money or resources is NOT a requirement. It’s also my good-bye and birthday party so all are invited and welcomed! and here is the link to my account and PayPal if you would like to help with donations but can’t make it to the party:
Paypal is is

A huge heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful friends who have donated already and made setting up my truck to live in a little easier. You are loved.

So, that was last night. I’m glad I went and I’m super glad I didn’t drive downtown! Seafair mayhem and Fleet Week all at the same time equals craziness and zero parking! And the 10mpg makes me make responsible and practical decisions.

Thanks for dropping by and see you next time.

The Traveling Cats Tour

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