The Traveling Cats Tour: Betty gets a bath, panic attacks suck and yes, I have bad days.


So, everyone is amazed that I have such a positive attitude about all of this. So am I most of the time! I have bad days though and the past couple of days have definitely been hard. As it gets closer to the time when I’ll actually be living in the truck with the cats, I’m beginning to doubt that I can do this. Not in the sense that I want to give up and abandon all of my stuff instead of just the extraneous, including the cats, but my anxiety gets so bad I can’t function. I haven’t been able to leave the house in two days and I don’t have that luxury anymore. Today, however, I got up and forced myself to get out and get things done!

Betty had a bath today. Not a perfect one but she already looks less like an abandoned truck and more like a funky old lady. Kind of like me! Tomorrow I’m taking her back to the U-wash and giving her a final scrub by hand to get the stubborn grime off of her and the canopy. One bad thing I found out while sitting in the car wash is that she has leaks. The window seals are all brittle and broken so water comes streaming in the wing windows and the top of the driver’s side window. Bad. Not sure what to do about it though. I think I’ll ask the body shop at the end of the alley if there’s something I can do. They’re a great bunch of guys!

Panic attacks suck. Hate em. Nuf said.

I’m starting to get RSVP’s to the party on the 23rd. Not many yet but it’s still just under a month away. What I haven’t said in the description of what it’s for is that it’s also 3 days before my 60th birthday! I know right!! When did this happen? Last I checked I was 50. Ish. Okay, 55. Or 58ish. Sigh. I’m going to be 60. What a freakin’ miracle that is! LOL If you live in the Seattle/PNW area, please feel free to drop by and say hi! A donation is not mandatory and photographers are a fun bunch to be around!

Tomorrow is the start of deciding how to pack the truck. It should only take me 40 or 50 times of packing and unpacking to get it figured out! LOL It’s an OCD thing.

More on the packing saga (and it will be!) next time.

See you next time and thanks for dropping by!

The Traveling Cats Tour

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