The Traveling Cats Tour: A day of terrifying firsts and what I learned.


Yesterday was a bit of a scream! And not the fun kind. I had to drive Betty to lunch in the city cuz there was no parking at all at the Lite Rail station! None! I hate driving in the city. A lot! But it wasn’t too bad surprisingly enough. I’ve driven in downtown Seattle exactly 2 times counting yesterday. First time made me cry (it was 25 years ago and I wasn’t medicated yet. Another story) but yesterday just made me curse. A LOT! Why did I go knowing how much I would hate it? Well …..

I had lunch with the funniest, most compassionate man I’ve met in a very long time. His name is Pablo Gerber and I can’t wait to meet his girlfriend Natalie. I’ll be going on some photo safaris with them both before I leave and I am really looking forward to it. They want to learn how to shoot a few things and I love teaching so it’s a match made in photography heaven! He also bought a print of mine for which I am so grateful. The auction didn’t bring in as much as I’d hoped but I did get a couple of private sales out of it. Pablo and I discussed ideas about marketing and offering lessons but I don’t have much time left here so it’s kind of a moot point. Unless I can generate some students wherever I go. I’ll still know how to shoot LOL After I left Pablo, I headed up to Kirkland for a Lightroom class. What a trip that was!

I got on the freeway to go to the class and it wasn’t all bad. I just got in a neutral middle lane and stayed there. And went zipping past the exit that Google Navigate didn’t mention. When I saw the exits for Everett, I knew I was in trouble so I got off the freeway and stopped at a gas station to get a soda. When I checked with MapQuest instead of the Navigator, there was the exit I should have taken clearly marked! Guess which one I’ll be using on the road! So I got back on the freeway, found the exit, used it easily (which is not always the case here. some exits are a bitch to navigate!) and got headed in the right direction. Since I’m not comfortable driving at high speeds yet, I tucked in behind a camper and stayed there until my exit came up. That’s when the fun started ….

Even though the streets were clearly marked, I had no way to tell that the street I wanted wasn’t a main street. It wasn’t even a decently marked residential street! It was more like a driveway leading to the place where the class was taking place. I drove around in circles for an hour trying to find it. Did I mention that Betty only gets 10 miles to the gallon? Sigh. A quarter tank later I was driving by this ‘street’ for about the 12th time and saw the tiny street sign. Finally! I’m so glad I did! The class was amazing …

Levi Sim taught the Lightroom class offered through NW Lens and He is an entertaining, engaging instructor who’s style is so comfortable and simple, you pay attention through the entire 3 hours. It actually went 3.5 hours because he started playing with some photos to show us a few more advanced functions. I learned a ton! The class started with the basics right from the minute you open Lightroom! Exactly where I needed to start. I have edited exactly 1 photo using it and I plan on editing thousands more with it! After I get more comfortable with it, my workflow will be so much more streamlined! Learning curve engaged! I did have one dark moment during my trip though …

Betty needs a new tail pipe. I need a shop that will be charitable. Sigh. Not many of them around but I take really good photos of cars (I shoot them like the beautiful ladies they are and the love shows!) so I can offer website shots or beauty shots for their customers for free. I’m hoping that the contacts I made at the Patron’s Car Show this month can help me find a shop that will do it. I discovered this need after I got lost and stopped in Everett yesterday. I came out of the mini-mart after buying a soda and saw that the tailpipe was hanging down almost to the ground! No wonder everyone on the road stayed so far back! I did kinda wonder about that! I had some old rubber bungee cords in the truck so I used all of them to get them there and back. Going to use a wire coat hanger today because I have an exciting day ahead of me…

I am going to pick up my canopy that my dear friend Steven Rosenow found me. The catch is that I have to go to Shelton to get it! That involves a trip to the city again (ugh) and getting on a ferry. First time driving on a ferry ever! Very exciting! Filling the gas tank to get there .. not so much lol

So that was yesterday and today I’m attempting a couple more firsts. How cool is that?

More about my trip to Shelton today later. Thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you next time. I still haven’t told you the wonderful thing I’ve been asked to do!

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The Traveling Cats Tour

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