Traveling Cats Tour: The quest for the elusive canopy

The Space Needle as seen from Volunteer Park at sunset. Winter 2013

The Space Needle as seen from Volunteer Park at sunset. Winter 2013

So, I’ve been looking for a canopy or camper that I can afford (which pretty much translates to ‘for free or dirt cheap’) and suddenly they’ve disappeared off of Craig’s List. I found dozens before Betty (my big truck) was on the road and I actually had one person tell me he would hold it for me but then sold it a couple of days after but now I only see about 6 and they all have issues. Sigh. I’m running out of time to find one so I may end up having to live in my tent for a while. I don’t mind that so much but the cranky cats will hate it. Of course they’re going to hate every minute of this adventure anyway so I don’t know why I’m worried about how they feel about the tent. And speaking of Betty …

Betty runs really well and we even got on the freeway for a bit on the way home from my friend Mike’s place. He’s the one who gifted me the truck. I love his whole family so much! His 7 year old daughter is an amazing young girl and is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the photography world! Serious natural! More on that later. I only noticed a problem when I pulled into the Safeway parking lot and turned her off. Dieseling. Bad. Sad. When I contacted Mike, he said that it was probably the timing that had been adjusted for hauling heavy loads and it would be an easy fix. BUT (and there always is one isn’t there?) we don’t have a timing light or the money to have it done at a shop. So we’re not only looking for a canopy now but we need a light as well. Sigh. Big sigh. There is some good news though …

I am Betty’s legal owner now and I have a license after 25 years as well as insurance. Feels really good! I love driving her. I even walk different now! I drive a big truck and I am fierce! LOL I am so funny! She’s a big beast and there was some ‘clenching’ going on in traffic and going through a 2 lane tunnel with someone beside me but I started feeling much more comfortable after I got on the freeway. Oddly enough, that’s where I thought I’d have the most problem but nope! Figures. Did I mention how funny I am? And as for the rest of today…

Editing. Workflow. I’m starting to hate those words. When I first started shooting, editing was a joy and an adventure but now .. not so much. It’s not that I have that many tweaks to do but I have more usable shots now. So that’s more small tweaking and cropping and sharpening and etc etc etc. And I shoot a lot. I mean A LOT. If I don’t get out and fire off a couple hundred shots a couple times a week, I get really cranky! I went and shot the Patron’s Car Show in White Center (Seattle) on Saturday and when I got home to download I saw that it had been 7 days! No wonder I was yelling at the cats! Good thing they love me or they’d be moving out! Wait, what? That might not be a bad idea. Nah..I’d be lonely.

So that’s today. This might not be an everyday type blog but I’m going to try and keep all of you apprised of where, what and whether or not we’re surviving. In the next entry, I’ll be sharing a wonderful thing I’m being asked to do while I’m on the road.

See you then and thanks for dropping by!

Donna Read Visions
Chauffeur for the Traveling Cats Tour

2 Responses to “Traveling Cats Tour: The quest for the elusive canopy”

  1. David Williams Says:

    Donna The Fierce…love it!! 🙂


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